Princess Plumbing: The Drafting Process (A snapshot)

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Design and Print

Creating a brand Princess Plumbing was a lot of fun, but also offers a good opportunity to give an insight into the immense amount of consultation and drafting that go into each brand that we create.

Lots of draft designs and idea’s were first of all first to our client, so of them deviated considerably from the brief, but we find that clients often surprise themselves when presented with good ideas that are out of the box… here are just a few.


Following this, we began to hone in on the clients preferred design, looking at strong concepts that seemed to really communicate in line with the client recommendations.  In this case, the ‘crest’ and the ‘character’ were themes that we wanted to explore further, before settling on the playful ‘seated princess’…
crest designs
Following this decision, we began experimenting with different positioning on our princess.  We also experimented with typography and proportions.

Finally we settled on experimented with different colour and position combinations for use on the Princess Plumbing Brand set.


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