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Posted: October 18, 2011 in News, Video

AT Creative’s founder Andrew Tayo has been presenting seminars across London on Video Marketing. The short presentations have been giving valuable insights into the different strategies and options that are open to SME owners when they launch their Video Marketing campaign. In typical AT Creative fashion, the focus of the talks are on how to best utilise CREATIVE methods to enhance the appeal and success of your marketing campaign. The talks are a part of the breakfast meetings, so if you want to book in for this free seminar, get yourself booked in ASAP via the 4Networking website!

Seminar Dates:~
4th October 2011 – London Monument (Fine Line) 8-10am
6th October 2011 – Richmond (The Coach and Horses) 8-10am
7th October 2011 – London Liverpool Street (The Shooting Star Pub) 8-10am
19th October 2011 – Heathrow Staines (The Stanwell Hotel) 8-10am
Thursday 4th November 2011 – Watford (Ramada Watford) 8-10am
Friday 5th November 2011 – Park Royal (Ramada Encore) 8-10am
Tuesday 8th November 2011 – Hammersmith (Lala) 8-10am
Friday 11th November 2011 – Kenton (Travellers Rest Beefeater) 8-10am

  1. Hi Andrew, really enjoyed your video presentation at 4N. It certainly gave a good insight into why videos need to be really different if they are to go viral. It’s often the most simple ideas that are the best and the company that blends an iPhone to demonstrate how robust their blender really got a powerful message across in an eye-catching way.

    Thanks for the insight.

    Richard Tomlin
    The Fusion Effect

  2. Prabha says:

    I’ve attended Andrew’s talks and they are very informative. He really did help me to get a better understanding of video marketing. I’d highly recommend that anyone with a business gets along to one of these talks.

  3. Simon Houska says:

    Andrew’s video marketing presentation was insightful, funny and he encouraged you to take part and give your opinion so you felt engaged with him. The samples he uses clearly show that with good video marketing you are sure to get results.

    Simon Houska
    The Video Inventory Agency (West London)

  4. Hi Andrew, the talk was great! I really enjoyed it and was converted from a staunch critic who did not want video on his website to a fan and someone that is definitely considering video in the future. It was entertaining, informative and thought provoking. You clearly know what you’re talking about and communicate your message very effectively!
    Phil Priscott
    Harmony IT Services

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Attended your presentation at The Shooting Star a couple of weeks back and found it highly informative and entertaining. Just as a measure I would bet that everyone who attended can remember the name of at least one of the companies that you used as case studies.

    So pleased that you brought some focus to the music content as well; of course this is close to my heart.

    Hope to see you again soon.


  6. andrewtayo says:

    Thank you all very much for your kind words. I very much enjoy presenting this topic, especially to such well-receiving crowds!

  7. Hi Andrew,

    Your presentation recently at Monument was extremely entertaining but most importantly encourages business people to start using video correctly as part of their online marketing mix.

    I have and do use video marketing effectively and I applaud you for spreading the word and making businesses see for themselves how it can grow their business.

    See you soon at Hammersmith 🙂


  8. Syncholistic says:

    I loved your presentation, Andrew, at the 4N meeting in Richmond. Just saw the blender video you had used under the best 50 viral ones on sky which reminded me of your talk.

    Videos certainly seem the way to go and spread the word about what we are all doing. Thanks for raising awareness of that in such a focused and fun way, very much enjoyed your presentation style.

    All the best, M

  9. Mike Wylie says:

    Hi Andrew
    Thanks for a great presentation on Wednesday. You really did get across the importance of video and the different ways in which it can be used. I now feel much more confident in talking about video to my website customers. Best regards Mike

  10. David E says:

    Andrew gave a very useful and instructive insight into how video can be used to improve their online marketing. He is obviously very knowledgeable about the subject and I would have no hesitation in recommending hi m and hope to collaborate with him in the near future

  11. Sabine says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for your talk on video marketing last week at the 4N meeting. Your presentation was really informative and you filled some gaps that I had for a while.
    I gained a lot of insights and I will definitely be looking to your suggestions when I next update my website. Kind regards Sabine

  12. Tim Maycock says:

    Cheers Andy. Your presentation at 4N Staines was very fine. It was good to hear a lot of commonsense about a subject all us business builders are interested in but which I for one know next to nothing about.

    Best regards, Tim Maycock robertson technologies heathrow

  13. Andrew, hello mate.

    Thanks for your foresight – thought it was very good; particularly that you used layman’s terms and didn’t confuse non-experts with the jargon!

    It is clear that you are quite passionate and very knowledgeable – keep it up!

    See you around and keep well,

  14. Anand says:

    Hey Andrew

    Great 4sight at Park Royal yesterday – the example videos were great and really demonstrated the messages you were trying to convey.

    I’m already looking forward to what your next 4sight topic will be!

    See you at future events.

  15. milan patel says:

    It was a very engaging presentation and it has been the most interesting foresight I have seen so far


  16. Hi Andrew,

    Thoroughly enjoyed your 4sight ast Friday at Ramada Hotel, Park Royal. Entertaining and informative in a down to earth way.

    It definitely something I’ll be doing in the future.

    Best regards


  17. Really enjoyed Andrew’s presentation – have now heard it twice! I found it entertaining, but also useful.

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