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UBand are an exciting outfit.  Self described as a ‘revolution in artist development’, they wanted an exciting face for their Company.  Enter AT Creative to develop a kick ass brand and website to do the (not so) hard work of convincing Uband’s partners and potential clients, that their bark is indeed as hard as their bite!

The website employed an exciting design based on a CMS Platform that allows them to update the content of the website via a user friendly browser based system.  All-in-all, a job well done, and another happy customer…


Everything about the founders of Mi Pasta (James and Phil), speaks innovation.  That’s probably why we’ve gelled so well in the development and creation of the Mi Pasta Brand.  When innovation meets creativity, the result is an innovation creation, and that’s exactly what Mi Pasta is.  Developing their packaging and has been lots of fun.  Keep your eyes glued for the subsequent marketing campaign!

Creating a brand Princess Plumbing was a lot of fun, but also offers a good opportunity to give an insight into the immense amount of consultation and drafting that go into each brand that we create.

Lots of draft designs and idea’s were first of all first to our client, so of them deviated considerably from the brief, but we find that clients often surprise themselves when presented with good ideas that are out of the box… here are just a few.


Following this, we began to hone in on the clients preferred design, looking at strong concepts that seemed to really communicate in line with the client recommendations.  In this case, the ‘crest’ and the ‘character’ were themes that we wanted to explore further, before settling on the playful ‘seated princess’…
crest designs
Following this decision, we began experimenting with different positioning on our princess.  We also experimented with typography and proportions.

Finally we settled on experimented with different colour and position combinations for use on the Princess Plumbing Brand set.

The Princess Plumbing Brand A T Creative recently completed a Branding and Website Development project for South London’s rising star, Princess Plumbing.   A female plumbing service, providng high quality and project management (without the builder’s bum)!  I must admit, even I would be tempted with the proposition of being serviced (my boiler that is) by a beautiful woman, as opposed to a sweaty, burly, and sometimes intimidating BLOKE.  OK, OK, all sterotypes aside, not ALL builders fit this description, and Princess Plumbing doesn’t ONLY contract female plumbers, in fact they have access to a fleet of male servicemen also.  All in all, Princess Plumbing is an exciting and growing business Enterprise.  The owner, Ruby King, was in the pipeline (excuse the pun) to be the subject of a cutting edge C4 documentary!  Working with her over the past few months was a pleasure, and the final brand is a real reflection of her as a character, and her company.


Humphrey & Co Estates are a thriving and expanding Estate Agent based in Metropolitan East London.  AT Creative were commissioned to design, develop and print their brochure which they will use to promote themselves with landlords and clients.  The aim was to give this professional and growing outfit, a professional and appealing print product that explained, in the most convincing light, what they were all about to their customers.  We undertook photography, drafting, design and printing to give our prestigious clients the complete product delivery!

We artists still exist!

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Design and Print, News

Those in the creative industries are probably the most hard-hit by these trying economical times… It’s funny, all it takes is a credit crunch and the general release of Adobe Photoshop CS5 and suddenly everyone believes they’re a graphic designer! Don’t belive me, well I can say without flinching that my last 2-3 jobs have been website development (my least favourite, least profitable and most time-consuming professiona), and I’ve welcomed them with open arms. I was contacted by Ashton Grace (a cracking financial services company), some 3 years after designing their website ( and their corporate identity, and they wanted me to ‘drum up’ a leaflet for local release, encouraging people to use their Will writing services before they kick the bucket. YIPPEEE! Well, not at people kicking the bucket, but YIPPEEE-I-get-to-exercise-some-creative-freedom-YIPPEE…

OK OK, I know what you’re thinking, it’s not exactly an album cover for a Billboard rap artist, or a advertising campaign for Xbox360… but you know what, I don’t look down on any job. Besides, these little jobs are what you make them. I often really enjoy the feeling of giving a client WAAAAY more than they paid for… an industry standard product at mates rates (so to speak)… I actually had great fun throwing this leaflet together, I got to exercise old tricks, like warping the money to give the illusion of curving and movement…