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Everything about the founders of Mi Pasta (James and Phil), speaks innovation.  That’s probably why we’ve gelled so well in the development and creation of the Mi Pasta Brand.  When innovation meets creativity, the result is an innovation creation, and that’s exactly what Mi Pasta is.  Developing their packaging and has been lots of fun.  Keep your eyes glued for the subsequent marketing campaign!


Humphrey & Co Estates are a thriving and expanding Estate Agent based in Metropolitan East London.  AT Creative were commissioned to design, develop and print their brochure which they will use to promote themselves with landlords and clients.  The aim was to give this professional and growing outfit, a professional and appealing print product that explained, in the most convincing light, what they were all about to their customers.  We undertook photography, drafting, design and printing to give our prestigious clients the complete product delivery!

Alex, Charlotte & Saint

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Photography

A beautiful couple and with a beautiful child… what could go wrong?