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Kew Tuition is a rapidly growing Training and Tuition Centre based in North West London.  When they approached AT Creative to revamp their website, the brief was simple.  They wanted something that THEY could manage independently and keep fresh with news, job vacancies, key dates and enrolments.  Our answer was, a fully browser managed website that allows the staff at Kew Tuition to maintain, upload, refresh and promote new features on the website, as and when it suits them.  Other key features include a fully functioning calendar that automatically integrates with the Google Calendar interface, allowing visitors to add key dates to their own calendar, and of course, that AT Creative ‘touch’ which means the website looks great too!


The Development of a website was the final instalment in our project for Princess Plumbing.  After delivery an original and punchy brand, the website needed to visually communicate the brand in a fun, yet user-friendly way.  The final site utilises the full brand set, in colour and text, whilst delivering a totally original and fun spin on a rather ‘wet’ subject (excuse the pun).  A simple brochure site that does exactly what the client wanted it to do, in terms of functionality and aesthetics.  Visit the Princess Plumbing site if you need your pipes serviced (excuse the pun, again!) and you live in South London.  She’s every bit as good she claims to be…. honest!


UBand are an exciting outfit.  Self described as a ‘revolution in artist development’, they wanted an exciting face for their Company.  Enter AT Creative to develop a kick ass brand and website to do the (not so) hard work of convincing Uband’s partners and potential clients, that their bark is indeed as hard as their bite!

The website employed an exciting design based on a CMS Platform that allows them to update the content of the website via a user friendly browser based system.  All-in-all, a job well done, and another happy customer…

Working with the fiercely entrepreneurial project manager at Dskii [pronounced ‘dis.kee’] was an ‘event’ in itself.  Dwayne is driven, determined and incredibly ambitious.  His desire to transform Dskii from an ambition to a reality was infectious, and to be honest, quite inspiring.  He met one of my team at a Business Exhibition in December, and it only took a brief meeting over a Latte’ for Dwayne to make the decision that AT Creative were the right organisation to take his company forward.  It didn’t take long for us to understand the vision he had for his company, and following some clear direction and consultancy, we were able to make a brief for his website that performed the very important task of giving the Dskii Team a real, credible web presence.

Dskii are live now.  They have an awesome monthly Comedy Night, not to mention a brilliant team of Event Specialists and Caterers who are ready and waiting to make your event a special one.  I hope my website goes some way into making the company the success that it needs to be.

Danielle Rigg bakes great cupcakes… actually, scratch that, I’m not allowed to use that word. She bakes great mini-cakes. In fact she calls herself the ‘Prada’ of cupcakes, and rightly so. They are downright delicious. When she decided a few months back to make a full-time business out of selling these delicious baked goods, she called on an old friend to help her to develop her branding, photography and marketing (and when she couldn’t find him, she settled for me!). Just kidding. In short, it’s been a pretty whirlwind experience, with Ms. Rigg taking a real ‘hands on’ approach to the development of every marketing idea, colour, and image used, and as a result we were able to bring her lively imagination to life in a super-sexy website and brand. All in all, it’s been great fun, and I look forward to continue working with her in the future as her brand continues to rise. *excuse the pun*

Check her out at and while you’re there, order a cake or two!

Bringing City Chic to De Aspora

Posted: October 15, 2010 in News, Web Design

I recently underwrote one of my latest projects; a website for Inner-City Property Consultancy firm De Aspora.  The brief was straight forward enough: Create a site that appealed to the high-net worth clientèle that make up De Aspora’s customer base.  Utilise the existing corporate colours to create a clean, lightweight, chic, mobile-device friendly website.

The result was successful on all counts, the final site is fully CSS (no HTML tables), W3C CSS compliancy certified, lightweight, uber-fast loading, and mobile-device friendly.  It also leaves plenty of room for future expandibility… (I even gave the corporate ID a free touch-up in the process!).

Screenshot of the De Aspora website

Not so CSScary after all…

Posted: September 10, 2010 in News, Web Design

Phobia’s are funny things… well, they’re funny to behold others struggling with… sometimes.  They’re also funny when you look back at them retrospectively having overcome them… you always wonder “What was so scary about that anyway?!”

Mice, Bee’s, Wasps, Arachnids and heights are fears that continue to torment my daily existence.  Up until this afternoon, CSS was also on this list.  However, I’m glad to report after a full day of experimenting, reading, testing, failing and Eureka-ing, I am fully rehabilitated from this crippling mental syndrome.

I know exactly what you’re thinking… how can any self respecting ‘web designer’ be scared of something so basic as CSS?  Let me just clarify one thing, when I say I was scared of CSS, I don’t mean in the literal sense… it was more fear of the unknown.  Of course I’ve “implemented” style sheets into my latest sites, but I’ve always done so from afar, allowing Dreamweaver to do all of the ‘dirty work’ for me.  I’ve created basic style sheets to control alignments, backgrounds and fonts, but never really made a fully CSS compliant website.  Reason being, I’ve grown very accustomed to relying on HTML tables to provide the basic structural integrity of my sites.  Well today that all changed.  I can fully affirm my conversion to CSS after successfully structuring an entire site (my site) using hand-coded (mostly) div tags for the entire process.  I’m not going to lie, I’m still not fully comfortable with it… but I’m getting there, and to be honest, it’s not looking too bad at all.

My Site (Fully CSS Compliant)

There you have it… CSS, not so scary after all…