Kew Tuition is a rapidly growing Training and Tuition Centre based in North West London.  When they approached AT Creative to revamp their website, the brief was simple.  They wanted something that THEY could manage independently and keep fresh with news, job vacancies, key dates and enrolments.  Our answer was, a fully browser managed website that allows the staff at Kew Tuition to maintain, upload, refresh and promote new features on the website, as and when it suits them.  Other key features include a fully functioning calendar that automatically integrates with the Google Calendar interface, allowing visitors to add key dates to their own calendar, and of course, that AT Creative ‘touch’ which means the website looks great too!


AT presents Creative Video Marketing

Posted: October 18, 2011 in News, Video

AT Creative’s founder Andrew Tayo has been presenting seminars across London on Video Marketing. The short presentations have been giving valuable insights into the different strategies and options that are open to SME owners when they launch their Video Marketing campaign. In typical AT Creative fashion, the focus of the talks are on how to best utilise CREATIVE methods to enhance the appeal and success of your marketing campaign. The talks are a part of the breakfast meetings, so if you want to book in for this free seminar, get yourself booked in ASAP via the 4Networking website!

Seminar Dates:~
4th October 2011 – London Monument (Fine Line) 8-10am
6th October 2011 – Richmond (The Coach and Horses) 8-10am
7th October 2011 – London Liverpool Street (The Shooting Star Pub) 8-10am
19th October 2011 – Heathrow Staines (The Stanwell Hotel) 8-10am
Thursday 4th November 2011 – Watford (Ramada Watford) 8-10am
Friday 5th November 2011 – Park Royal (Ramada Encore) 8-10am
Tuesday 8th November 2011 – Hammersmith (Lala) 8-10am
Friday 11th November 2011 – Kenton (Travellers Rest Beefeater) 8-10am

Motion Graphic Mayhem with UBand

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Video

A T Creative was commisioned by a new media outlet (UBand) to develop an opening sequence for their soon to be launched online television Channel UBand TV. The resulting product is a 100% motion graphic animated short sequence that will be utilised before and after all of their original programmes. Uband have yet to develop the jingle that will play in concert with the animation.

The Development of a website was the final instalment in our project for Princess Plumbing.  After delivery an original and punchy brand, the website needed to visually communicate the brand in a fun, yet user-friendly way.  The final site utilises the full brand set, in colour and text, whilst delivering a totally original and fun spin on a rather ‘wet’ subject (excuse the pun).  A simple brochure site that does exactly what the client wanted it to do, in terms of functionality and aesthetics.  Visit the Princess Plumbing site if you need your pipes serviced (excuse the pun, again!) and you live in South London.  She’s every bit as good she claims to be…. honest!


UBand are an exciting outfit.  Self described as a ‘revolution in artist development’, they wanted an exciting face for their Company.  Enter AT Creative to develop a kick ass brand and website to do the (not so) hard work of convincing Uband’s partners and potential clients, that their bark is indeed as hard as their bite!

The website employed an exciting design based on a CMS Platform that allows them to update the content of the website via a user friendly browser based system.  All-in-all, a job well done, and another happy customer…

Everything about the founders of Mi Pasta (James and Phil), speaks innovation.  That’s probably why we’ve gelled so well in the development and creation of the Mi Pasta Brand.  When innovation meets creativity, the result is an innovation creation, and that’s exactly what Mi Pasta is.  Developing their packaging and has been lots of fun.  Keep your eyes glued for the subsequent marketing campaign!

Creating a brand Princess Plumbing was a lot of fun, but also offers a good opportunity to give an insight into the immense amount of consultation and drafting that go into each brand that we create.

Lots of draft designs and idea’s were first of all first to our client, so of them deviated considerably from the brief, but we find that clients often surprise themselves when presented with good ideas that are out of the box… here are just a few.


Following this, we began to hone in on the clients preferred design, looking at strong concepts that seemed to really communicate in line with the client recommendations.  In this case, the ‘crest’ and the ‘character’ were themes that we wanted to explore further, before settling on the playful ‘seated princess’…
crest designs
Following this decision, we began experimenting with different positioning on our princess.  We also experimented with typography and proportions.

Finally we settled on experimented with different colour and position combinations for use on the Princess Plumbing Brand set.